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Screenshot_2020-03-11 Chris Osmond

I am Professor of Leadership & Educational Studies and Associate Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at the Reich College of Education, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina.

Here’s my resume: OSMOND resume 3.21

And here’s my academic vita: OSMOND CV 7.21

I am trained in curriculum theory and equity, diversity, and inclusion. I teach epistemology, methods, and curriculum theory to doctoral students, social foundations of education to undergraduates, and burnout prevention and sustainable caring practice in the Honors College and wherever else I can find a space to.

I care most deeply about the preparation of caring professionals for long, thriving careers, especially teachers and educational leaders.

I am not sure education is a “profession,” and while we certainly gain something by calling it that, I wonder what we lose. I like “vocation” better.

I think burnout prevention is an urgent issue in all caring professions, especially education.  I think “burnout” is the wrong word to describe the issue, actually, because it suggests that there’s something more wrong with the educator than the system she is working in. “Demoralization” is more accurate. I think that medical education is doing better work on the issue than we are, and I try to bring insights from their world into ours.

The views and opinions expressed on this site are strictly those of the author, and may not represent official University supported or sponsored sources.

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