Sustainable Practice


I am pleased to share with you Root Down: Preparing to Thrive. These are materials to support ten one-hour conversations with preservice and early-career teachers and other caring professionals about burnout prevention and sustainable practice.

Each one-page essay and set of questions supports a stand-alone conversation, with reflection, small group sharing, and full-group harvesting of insights and take-aways. Use them individually, or as a ten-week lunch-and-learn series!

They are free to download and use, according to Creative Commons license.

If you find them valuable, please drop me a line and let me know about your experience!

Root Down- Preparing to Thrive April 2021

Here are opening slides with norms and agenda for use with Zoom groups.

Norms and Agenda for Root Down- Preparing to Thrive


ONE: Your institution is not other than you. For better or worse, it is you.

TWO: Caregiver struggles are about way more than the caregiver.

THREE: You can only do what you can do – but only you can do it.

FOUR: Caring, like healing, is a journey, not a fixed destination.

FIVE: Paying attention to texts about care, and making our own, helps us care better.

SIX: Professional love is less and more than personal love.

SEVEN: Power exists in professional caring relationships, and you must manage it.

EIGHT: Your scars are your stories.

NINE: We all need a community.

TEN: Bloom where you’re planted.

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