before it’s a what, it’s a where

I was honored to share opening remarks this weekend at my College’s observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the integration of schools in North Carolina’s High Country. App State began as a teacher’s college, like many regional masters institutions. So what a fitting and spectacular occasion: a history lecture by Karl Campbell, a panel of folksContinue reading “before it’s a what, it’s a where”

What’s Next, What’s Done, What’s Good

You know, I am really getting to the point where I don’t care if what I have to say about school sounds smart, or even if it is particularly compelling or convincing. I only care that I know that what I say is true: the truest, truest true that it can be. Because if weContinue reading “What’s Next, What’s Done, What’s Good”

Why Teach the Humanities in Education?

I’ve been invited to participate on a university panel today entitled “Why Teach the Humanities?,” and this is what I’ve prepared to share. It’s a bit of a jeremiad, for sure – but it’s what I am seeing right now, and some of what I am doing about it in my teaching. I have been onContinue reading “Why Teach the Humanities in Education?”

souvenirs of perfect doom

Two observations: 1. My iPod Classic is broken. Kaput. All I wanted to do was put the latest Donald Fagen on it. But My MacBook Pro updated iTunes on the down low last week. And after several cycles of reformatting and shocking claims of “corruption,” it now insists, with an almost audible sigh, that theContinue reading “souvenirs of perfect doom”

And Sometimes It’s Not Even Funny

My blog space is becoming sort of maudlin, isn’t it, with all these elegies: my beloved professor earlier this year, and my perseverations on Dave Wallace that have preceded the class I’ll begin next week on him. Maybe something brighter can come of remembering Robin Williams, even as news of his death is still settlingContinue reading “And Sometimes It’s Not Even Funny”