Scheherazade and the Axe: Narrative Medicine, the Apocalypse, and the Way Through

That’s the hefty title of a chapter I’ve got in the terrific new book Apocalyptic Leadership in Education, edited by my colleague Vachel Miller and just published by Information Age Publishing. It draws heavily on some ideas about films  (Winter’s Bone, Pacific Rim, Let the Right One In) that I worked out on this blog overContinue reading “Scheherazade and the Axe: Narrative Medicine, the Apocalypse, and the Way Through”

identity now, identity tomorrow, identity forever

Mark Lilla’s New York Times op-ed on “The End of Identity Liberalism” is good on the tactical limits of identity politics (“the first identity movement in American politics was the Ku Klux Klan”). I also find him correct on the urgent need for all Americans to accept both the responsibilities and the rights of participatingContinue reading “identity now, identity tomorrow, identity forever”

waiting on a friend

What are you waiting on? I have been considering this question off and on for the last weeks. The near cause is our toddler, whose waking schedule has been unpredictable. My usual morning habit (“coffee and contemplation”, as Stranger Things taught us) isn’t usual anymore, because whatever I am doing in the morning, I amContinue reading “waiting on a friend”

before it’s a what, it’s a where

I was honored to share opening remarks this weekend at my College’s observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the integration of schools in North Carolina’s High Country. App State began as a teacher’s college, like many regional masters institutions. So what a fitting and spectacular occasion: a history lecture by Karl Campbell, a panel of folksContinue reading “before it’s a what, it’s a where”